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We’re Movers & Packers In Dubai that You Can Trust!

We Are organised

We plan your move, arrive on time and get packing to carry out your move quickly and on time.

Planning your moving day is always a big part in any successful relocation, our dedicated team will oversee the relocation plan and ensure all the required materials and relevant passes and paperwork are in place before our team of dedicated packers and movers arrive to start packing.

With over 3000 successful relocations completed our moving team have the experience and knowledge of how best to pack your home for a successful relocation.

We work all over the UAE

Although most of our moves are for Dubai based customers, we can also move you to another Emirate.

Moving from one Emirate to another is no problem for Mac Pack, we have moved families from Abu Dhabi to Dubai then back to Abu Dhabi a year later.

We take great care of all the items we are entrusted to move. Happy customers are the lifeline to our business success.

Fast and efficient

Most moves are completed in the same day. Even large villa moves in Dubai can be completed on the same day.

Our experienced team of packers and movers provide a fast and efficient relocation service. It’s in everyone’s interest to get the job done in the shortest amount of time without cutting corners. Therefore you can be sure that we will provide the best service possible.

Using our own covered removal trucks we are in total control of the moving schedule. We don’t depend on 3rd party or sub-contracted transport.