Mrs and Mrs Mac Pack - Rick and Claire McIntyre

Hi, I’m Rick McIntyre, owner of Mac Pack Removals

Clare, my wife, and I set up Mac Pack Removals in 2013. Having arrived in the UAE in 2003 as teachers and having moved multiple times, both locally and internationally, we decided to take the brave step of opening our own moving company. We believed we had the skills to offer our clients a quality packing service by ensuring we had trained staff, who empowered with the knowledge of safe packing techniques and the best packaging materials, could move household goods and personal belongings from A to B without damage and breakages. We knew we could offer a personal service, ensuring every client’s relocation needs were catered for and we had the ability to communicate throughout the process of moving so that our clients felt safe in the knowledge that we would care for their belongings.

Why Choose Mac Pack Removals

  • We have high values – we are a trusted moving company. We care for your belongings, we care for your home, we care that you receive quality service, and we care for each other.
  • We offer a personal moving service catering for your relocation needs – we have the ability to deal with the most complex moves.
  • We allocate a personal move manager to every move who oversees the process from the planning stages all the way to unpacking. Your move manager will be contactable by phone, WhatsApp and email to answer any of your questions and oversee each step of the move.
  • We will ensure you have the correct paperwork – moving within the UAE and when moving internationally there are a number of documents that need to submitted to various authorities. We are able to guide you through the whole process, whether that be obtaining a Move-out/Move-in permit or getting your belongings across an international border.
  • All Mac Pack crew members entering your home have a UAE work visa from Mac Pack Removals LLC – we do not use casual or untrained staff. Only Mac Pack employees wear our Mac Pack uniform.
  • Best packers in the city – The Mac Pack crew are trained, professional packers, who know how to protect your belongings from damage using quality packing material. We ensure your personal belongings are expertly packed into boxes with particular care given to delicate and fragile items.
  • We have attentive, experienced and skilled move supervisors – on the day of your move one of our moving experts will introduce themselves as the move supervisor and will talk you through the move, offer their advice and most importantly listen to your individual moving needs.
  • We use quality packaging material – we use materials appropriate for the item we are moving. Boxes, bubble wrap, foam or wooden crating is used to provide the best possible protection for your belongings.
  • All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection and to reduce the risk of damage or breakages during transit.
  • We are a home- grown company – having lived in the UAE since 2003, we know how to get things organised in the UAE. With local knowledge and experience we understand the challenges that you might face during your move and can offer advice and solutions.
  • We are a family-owned company – Mr and Mrs Mac Pack! Our reputation within the UAE community is very important to us and we are committed to ensuring we are the best moving company in the UAE
  • We are an independent, self-funded company - we call the shots, but we also take the bullets! Providing a quality service is paramount to our success.
  • We endeavor to create a healthy work environment for all Mac Pack staff – the Mac Pack crew are a well-oiled moving machine, but we believe each member is more than just a cog. A work environment in which staff members are valued, cared for, and respected enables us to provide you with an engaged, effective and positive team to complete your move.

The Mac Pack Team

We have come a long way since 2013, when Rick was the Mac Pack truck driver! Over the years we have steadily grown our team to meet the demands in the UAE for our quality moving service.

All Mac Pack crew members entering your home have a UAE work visa from Mac Pack Removals LLC – we do not use casual or untrained staff. Only Mac Pack employees wear our Mac Pack uniform.

All our crew members are trained, professional movers, and many have worked within the industry throughout their career. Learning to pack household goods and personal belongings professionally is key to ensuring your belongings are moved from A to B without damage and breakages.

Employee retention is important to us at Mac Pack. We ensure that we offer career development opportunities so that our staff can upskill and grow professionally as our company grows. Our head supervisor, Martin Mendoza is a founding crew member of the company and has become an integral part of the development of the company over the years.

At Mac Pack we offer competitive wages and benefits to our staff to show they are valued and that their commitment to providing a quality moving service for you is rewarded. Any tips offered by you to our staff for good work is shared fairly amongst the crew and is managed by the crew supervisor.

At Mac Pack Removals we celebrate staff diversity and uniqueness. We strive to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to overcoming the barriers faced by our employees to ensure they feel they are a valued member of the team, whilst ensure they are equipped with the skills to complete the task of moving.

It’s not all work and no play at Mac Pack! Building positive working relationships within our crews is important to us and that’s why we ensure that we have fun together. Social gatherings have included sports training sessions, days out at some of Dubai’s many attractions, or simply time to share a meal and a laugh.